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a month ago
I have been going to Dr. Bracco for so many years now. The first time I went to him was because I hurt my neck and back from washing my hair. He opened the office on a day that they were closed just for me. He truly cares about you and how you feel. The adjustments helped me so much. He creates a plan for you to get better and feel the difference. It is refreshing knowing someone truly cares about you. I recommend him 100%. I have referred all my friends and coworkers to go to him. There is no better Chiropractor out there! He is amazing!

James Ceribello

5 days ago
I admit I was skeptical about getting help with my sudden onset of helplessness as I tried to literally walk at a normal pace. My legs weren’t responding.I am astounded at the results achieved by the skillful manipulation of Dr. Bracco. He has restored my ability to keep up with my friends at a brisk pace. To say I look forward to the adjustments is an understatement. Most highly recommended.

Tara Foley

a month ago
I suffered from back pain for 20+ years, had tried other chiropractors in the past with little relief. I was referred to Dr Bracco by a friend and he has changed my life! I’m finally relieved from the constant back pain I suffered with for 20+ years. I have already recommended everyone I know to him. His office staff is also very excellent, there is never more than a 5 minute wait to see him. Dr Bracco and his staff are quick and extremely efficient. I HIGHLY recommend Dr Bracco.

Doris Hopkins

1 review

a month ago

Shout out to Dr. Bracco, AMAZING. I was experience lower back pain and sensitivity down my leg. Dr. Bracco proposed a series of treatments frequently in the beginning and gradually backing off as I improved. Today I am able to do the activities that i did prior to my problem. Maintenance keeps me limber and able to continue my routines. Thank you Dr. Bracco for helping me to get back to the the things I love to do in life.
2 weeks ago
Going to Dr. Bracco has helped me so much with getting rid of my lower back pain and feeling good again. I’ve been going for the past year and from where I started until now is what a difference and he’s also a great guy!
3 months ago
I’ve been a patient for almost 2 months. Suffered from headaches and radiating pain down my arm in addition to numbness in my hand due to a pinched nerve. I’m almost 100% better!! Look forward to each treatment every week! Great doc and office staff! Best chiro on the island!!
4 weeks ago
I went to doctor bracco after being seen in th emergency room for severe back pain after being released I was told it was muscular and they sent me home with a muscle relaxer after finishing the prescription I still had no relief on my back so I reached out to dr bracco he was able to put me in the same day that week I had seen him 3 times where he found a pinched nerve in my back and for the first time in almost 3 weeks I had finally gotten some relief in my back I am still seeing and I am almost in no pain dr bracco really took the time to help me and took the time to walk me through what I can do to improve the condition of my back he truly treats every patient like a part of his family as does his entire staff
a month ago
Such an amazing doctor. I’ve been going to him for the past 3 months now and I’ve never felt better. After Every appointment I feel like a new person. Highly recommended! And staff is very helpful and always kind!

Vincent Longo

3 weeks ago
Dr Bracco is the best. I had a bad accident at work and went through physical therapy, acupuncture and finally took the suggestion to go see him (I’ve been to other chiropractors before and wasn’t sold on the idea). He was the only doctor …More

David Gonzalez

a month ago
My condition is improving,making my life more managabile.great Doctor and great staff.
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