Migraine Headaches

Patient A.M. suffered from severe  migraine headaches everyday for the past three and a half years. The headaches were debilitating, and being a single mom with a young child, life was very difficult. MRI exam of her brain was negative and dark rooms and silence and prescribed drugs became a part of her life.

On her first visit to the office she stated that she takes 300mgs of Topamax and 75mgs of Nortriptilene daily. I examined the patient Chiropractically to find if there was a cause of her headaches. Examination revealed two cervical vertebrae out of the normal alignment. These segments were very painful to touch. Chiropractic care was started and after 5 adjustments the patient said that this was the first time in three and a half years that she went two days without a headache.

After 15 adjustments and 5 weeks later, her M.D. reduced her medication to 100mgs of Topomax and 25mgs of Nortriptilene. I feel confident that she will be off all medication in a short time. As a Chiropractor, what makes my profession so unique is that I don’t treat the symptoms but I look to find a cause of the symptoms, then remove the cause, and then step back and watch the awesomeness within the patient heal themselves.

Dr. Phil Bracco


2 Ellwood Ave

Staten Island, New York 10314



Migraine Headaches/Chiropractic and Relief by BRACCO CHIROPRACTIC CENTER


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