Lower Back Pain.

Patient I.D. entered the office on the first week of December 2010 complaining of severe lower back pain. She rated her pain on a scale of 1-10, (10 being the worst) as a 7 on a good day and a 10 on a bad day. She stated that she lifted a heavy turkey on Thanksgiving and then her pain started. She had prior disc surgery, discectomy. She had numerous positive ortho’s as well as inflammation in the lumbar spine, hypertonicity in the lumbar paraspinals, and a antalgic lean left 2 degrees. She was treated with specific Chiropractic adjustments and 7 days later she has made vast improvement and wants to know when she can return to the gym to exercise.

Dr.Phil Bracco

2 Ellwood Avenue

Staten Island, NY 10314



Lower Back Pain Relief/Bracco Chiropractic


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