For Expectant Moms

Many pregnant moms walk around uncomfortable for several or nine months not realizing that chiropractic adjustments can offer great relief. That lower back pain or tingling burning sensation that radiates down the leg from pressure caused by the weight of the fetus can be significantly reduced or even eliminated from gentle chiropractic adjustments. I have a special adjusting table in which the abdominal section of the table drops away so it does not exert any pressure to the abdominal area. Many moms have told me they don’t know how they could have ever made it through the pregnancy without their adjustments! My own wife was pregnant with twins and had an annoying sciatica problem that became almost non-existent after her adjustments. By the way, she had a full term natural pregnancy with two healthy boys- one 8 lbs. and one 7 lbs.! So if you’re pregnant and just waiting for the nine months to end so you can find relief-don’t wait any longer. Come visit the Bracco Chiropractic Center today for your adjustments and start feeling good again and enjoy the remainder of your pregnancy! My office is located in Heartland Village near the Staten Island Mall, call for an appointment at 718-494-9390.


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