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a month ago
I have been going to Dr. Bracco for so many years now. The first time I went to him was because I hurt my neck and back from washing my hair. He opened the office on a day that they were closed just for me. He truly cares about you and how you feel. The adjustments helped me so much. He creates a plan for you to get better and feel the difference. It is refreshing knowing someone truly cares about you. I recommend him 100%. I have referred all my friends and coworkers to go to him. There is no better Chiropractor out there! He is amazing!

James Ceribello

5 days ago
I admit I was skeptical about getting help with my sudden onset of helplessness as I tried to literally walk at a normal pace. My legs weren’t responding.I am astounded at the results achieved by the skillful manipulation of Dr. Bracco. He has restored my ability to keep up with my friends at a brisk pace. To say I look forward to the adjustments is an understatement. Most highly recommended.

Tara Foley

a month ago
I suffered from back pain for 20+ years, had tried other chiropractors in the past with little relief. I was referred to Dr Bracco by a friend and he has changed my life! I’m finally relieved from the constant back pain I suffered with for 20+ years. I have already recommended everyone I know to him. His office staff is also very excellent, there is never more than a 5 minute wait to see him. Dr Bracco and his staff are quick and extremely efficient. I HIGHLY recommend Dr Bracco.

Doris Hopkins

a month ago
Shout out to Dr. Bracco, AMAZING. I was experience lower back pain and sensitivity down my leg. Dr. Bracco proposed a series of treatments frequently in the beginning and gradually backing off as I improved. Today I am able to do the activities that i did prior to my problem. Maintenance keeps me limber and able to continue my routines. Thank you Dr. Bracco for helping me to get back to the the things I love to do in life.
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Ear Tubes

Mother brought her 18 month old daughter to my office for chronic bilateral ear infections which started when she was 12 months old. Mother stated that in the past 6 months her daughter had 4 ear infections. Sometimes in the right ear, sometimes in the left ear and sometimes in both ears. She had developed fluid in her middle ears. She had been placed on a regimen of antibiotics for 7 to 14 days each time and this was the third and different antibiotic that was administered. She was told that the next step for her daughter was ear tubes called Tympanostomy tubes, Myringotomy tubes, ventilation tubes or PE pressure equalization tubes.

Now as a Chiropractor I didn’t think that this was the best idea for the child. First of all your trying to prevent infection, and with tubes the inner ear would be exposed where it would normally be protected by the ear drum or Tympanic membrane. Mother did not want her 18 month old daughter to undergo surgery.

After examining the child not only did she have fluid in her middle ear but she was not talking much. Mom stated that her daughter didn’t speak much and when she did it was difficult to understand.

My Chiropractic examination revealed that her first vertebrae was out of alignment. I explained to mother that when vertebrae are out of alignment it causes pressure on the nerve root and that interferes with the area controlled by these nerve roots to not be able to function  normally.

After 3 weeks of Chiropractic care her ear infections and middle ear fluid became a thing of the past. ( No Surgery Needed ). I used very gentle adjustment techniques and the little child was never uncomfortable or felt any pain.

The child is now very happy and now talks a lot and speaks clearly.