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Sciatica after Spinal Fusion Surgery.

Patient B.L. entered my office suffering from severe pain from the left buttocks to the left ankle. It appeared to be a simple case of left sided sciatica but the case was extremely complicated. B.L had spinal stenosis and had spinal fusion in 1990, x-rays revealed spinal fusion surgery with rods and screws.

B.L. was very uneasy to see a Chiropractor due to this surgery but she was at her wits end and could not endure the pain any longer.

After analyzing all the information at hand I felt that she could be helped with very gentle and precise Chiropractic treatment.

B.L. stated ” after visiting with Dr. Bracco and explaining my condition he has helped me very much. With his manipulations and hands on treatment I had complete confidence and now I feel much better”.

Chiropractic care can do wonderful things for people it can make your life sweeter. If you are in a similar situation as B.L. above or if you know someone who does, call my office for an evaluation.

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