Sciatica after Spinal Fusion Surgery.

Patient B.L. entered my office suffering from severe pain from the left buttocks to the left ankle. It appeared to be a simple case of left sided sciatica but the case was extremely complicated. B.L had spinal stenosis and had spinal fusion in 1990, x-rays revealed spinal fusion surgery with rods and screws.

B.L. was very uneasy to see a Chiropractor due to this surgery but she was at her wits end and could not endure the pain any longer.

After analyzing all the information at hand I felt that she could be helped with very gentle and precise Chiropractic treatment.

B.L. stated ” after visiting with Dr. Bracco and explaining my condition he has helped me very much. With his manipulations and hands on treatment I had complete confidence and now I feel much better”.

Chiropractic care can do wonderful things for people it can make your life sweeter. If you are in a similar situation as B.L. above or if you know someone who does, call my office for an evaluation.

Dr. Phil Bracco, Chiropractor

2 Elwood Ave

Staten Island, N.Y. 10314




About Dr. Philp Bracco

I have been assisting patients for the past 31 years. In that time, I have taken care of children who have grown up and now bring their children in for care. My practice is filled with joy, hope and love. The patients are comfortable and are treated as family and refer their friends and loved ones. I have seen all types of conditions and illness. I take care of people from newborns and pregnant mothers all the way to senior citizens.

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