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Lower back Pain, Numbness in both thighs and hands


Patient FR came into my office in late May 2013 complaining of severe lower back pain with severe numbness in his right upper thigh and a feeling that he described as if his feet were on fire as well as numbness in his hands and a stiff neck. His condition started six months ago and has been getting worse. He stated that he lost his house in Hurricane Sandy and worked 12-15 hours a day for 6 months straight to try and get his home back to normal. He was diagnosed with sciatica and carpal tunnel syndrome. After a lengthy spinal analysis and X-Rays of the neck and lower back, I determined that patient FR had suffered a pinched nerve in his neck and in the upper and lower lumbar spine. 12 Chiropractic Adjustments later and patient FR felt no neck stiffness and no lower back pain and no more numbness in his hands. He still had burning in his feet. Patient FR continued with Chiropractic care at a rate of 3 visits per week and occasionally 2 visits per week and he is now almost completely symptom free. Removing the nerve interference’s within the cervical and lumbar spine of patient FR has allowed the patient, FR, to repair and restore himself back to normal.

Dr.Philip Bracco
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Feet On Fire, Lower back Pain, Numbness in both thighs and hands