Migraine Headaches/Chiropractic and Relief by BRACCO CHIROPRACTIC CENTER

Patient A.M. suffered from severe  migraine headaches everyday for the past three and a half years. The headaches were debilitating, and being a single mom with a young child, life was very difficult. MRI exam of her brain was negative and dark rooms and silence and prescribed drugs became a part of her life. On her first visit to the office she stated that she takes 300mgs of Topamax and 75mgs of Nortriptilene daily. I examined the patient Chiropractically to find if there was a cause of her headaches. Examination revealed two cervical vertebrae out of the normal alignment. These segments were very painful to touch. Chiropractic care was started and after 5 adjustments the patient said that this was the first time in three and a half years that she went two days without a headache. After 15 adjustments and 5 weeks later, her M.D. reduced her medication to 100mgs of Topomax and 25mgs of Nortriptilene. I feel confident that she will be off all medication in a short time. As a Chiropractor, what makes my profession so unique is that I don’t treat the symptoms but I look to find a cause of the symptoms, then remove the cause, and then step back and watch the awesomeness within the patient heal themselves.


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Staten Island, New York 10314



Migraine Headaches/Chiropractic and Relief by BRACCO CHIROPRACTIC CENTER


About Dr. Philp Bracco

I have been assisting patients for the past 31 years. In that time, I have taken care of children who have grown up and now bring their children in for care. My practice is filled with joy, hope and love. The patients are comfortable and are treated as family and refer their friends and loved ones. I have seen all types of conditions and illness. I take care of people from newborns and pregnant mothers all the way to senior citizens.

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