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Pain, Why Am In Pain?


If you were playing basketball and you were hit with an  elbow to the head then you would know what caused your pain.   It would be ok to take an over the counter pill to take the pain away.  On the other hand if you find yourself in pain day in and day out  and you’re constantly taking something for pain, then you might want to ask yourself a very important question.  What is causing my pain? The truth of the matter is that we spend more time treating the symptoms and never get to the cause of the problem.  As a Chiropractor, my expertise lies in determining if your symptoms are related to abnormal spinal structure.  When your spinal structure is abnormal, it affects the  nerves which can cause pain as well as numerous other symptoms.  Next, my job becomes an art, done with my hands just like an artist painting a picture.  I align faulty structure and allow your body to work better and function better and do the wonderful job that it was designed to do, HEAL ITSELF.  Haven’t you ever cut your skin?  Sure you clean it, next you cover it, and in a few days after the band-aid falls off it has become one and it is repaired.

If you would like to find out if Chiropractic can help you call my office and make an appointment. 718-494-9390.

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Doctor Why Am I In Pain?