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Lower Back Pain

Many patients enter my office each day with different grades of lower back pain from mild to severe.   Each patient basically says the same thing to me but in their own words.  “Dr Bracco, make my pain go away, make me feel better.”  The truth of the matter is that these patient have been taking medication for inflammation and pain with little to no relief.  They have had X-Rays,  MRI’s, Nerve tests and more.  They have gone from their primary physician to Orthopedic to Neurologist with no help.  In Chiropractic, we have a unique saying that we can hang our hat on.  Structure determines Function.  I read the same reports which describe disc degeneration, arthritic spurring,  bulging discs, herniated discs etc., etc.   I look at the same X-Rays  and MRI’s and yes, I see all that they report but I see more than that.  I analyze the structure of the spine and with that lies Chiropractic’s specialty.  I see a vertebrae turning 2 mm to the right or left, on a angle etc, etc.. Correct the structure and improve the function.  No one, AND I MEAN NO ONE, can correct the structure of the spine with their hands like a Chiropractor. So,  if your tired of treating the symptom and taking something for the pain day in and day out, then I recommend that you make an appointment to see if your spinal structure is causing your pain.

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Lower Back Pain