Ear Infections/Chiropractic and Children

Mother brought her 6 year old daughter to the office in August 2010 because she has suffered from ear infections on and off for the past two years. She did not have an ear infection at the time of her first visit, but the child sounded nasal and said that her ears always felt clogged. Examination of the child revealed a subluxation complex existed in the child’s upper neck or cervical spine. Mother stated that when the child has an ear infection she brings her to the pediatrician who examines her and prescribes antibiotics. The infections can last a  few weeks and sometimes the antibiotic is changed  for another antibiotic because the first was not effective. The child took approximately 15 Chiropractic adjustments in 4 months about 1 per week. In Mid December she started again with ear pain. Mom took her to the pediatrician who looked in her ears and determined that she had another infection. Mom brought the child to my office on the way home from the pediatrician and I examined her and felt that the child needed an adjustment and it was performed. She went home took the antibiotics and she returned to the office on Monday. On Monday the mother stated that the child felt much better and that she had never recovered from an ear infection this quickly. Chiropractic enables the body to work better and together Chiropractic and Medicine greatly reduced the time of  recovery.

Dr.Phil Bracco

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Ear Infections/Chiropractic and Children


About Dr. Philp Bracco

I have been assisting patients for the past 31 years. In that time, I have taken care of children who have grown up and now bring their children in for care. My practice is filled with joy, hope and love. The patients are comfortable and are treated as family and refer their friends and loved ones. I have seen all types of conditions and illness. I take care of people from newborns and pregnant mothers all the way to senior citizens.

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